Farewell, Robert Altman

Ha muerto a los 81 años uno de los más contraculturales directores de cine y teatro.

Una cita de una entrevista de febrero de este año:

I grew up in Kansas City,” Altman says, “during the prohibition era of speakeasies, gangsters and lawlessness. Even further back, people used to say of Missouri that during the civil war we survived because we sold supplies to both sides. And when I look around America today I feel we’re over-saturated with goods. Like most of western Christian civilisation, we feel it’s fine if we’re comfortable and, if the rest of the world isn’t, then that’s their problem. We’re not generous. And the idea of paying some chief executive $40m a year is just obscene. I don’t deny it’s nice to have silk sheets or whatever, but we live in a deeply unequal society and our luxury is both excessive and wasteful

La noticia en 20minutos

Galeria homenaje


En yahoo

En Moebius (me encantó; no se pierdan el video).


Esta entrada corresponde al archivo histórico de Ciberescrituras (2005-2012).

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